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“Cooperation, Value and Sharing”: 2018 Kingfa Supplier Conference was Successfully Held

“Cooperation, Value and Sharing”: 2018 Kingfa Supplier Conference was Successfully Held


On December 7th, 2018 Kingfa Supplier Conference was held in Guangzhou Crowne Plaza Hotel. Company leaders including Chairman Yuan Zhimin, General Manager Li Nanjing, Chief Strategy Officer Li Jianjun and honorable guests including Chief Economist of State Information Center Fan Jianping and Huatai Securities Lecturer Xie Zhicai attended the meeting. More than 300 representatives from all over the world gathered to discuss future cooperation and development plans.


With the theme of “Cooperation, Value and Sharing”, the conference focused on the macroeconomic environment and the development trend of global advanced materials market. The keynote reports delivered at the conference are as follows: “Macroeconomic Situation and Policy Analysis” by Mr. Fan Jianping, “Directly Facing the Great Changes in the Industry” by Mr. Dong Zhixin, “Equipment Standardization, Collaborative Cost Reduction” by Qi Wenliang (Deputy Director of Technology and Equipment Department, Vice Director of Manufacture Department), “Kingfa Technology Report” by Ye Nanbiao (Deputy General Manager of Technology), “Kingfa Quality Report” by Deng Xiaojun (General Manager Assistant, Director of Quality Department), and “Kingfa Logistics Report” by Yu Zefan (Deputy Director of Logistics Department). 

General Manager Li Nanjing put forward the measures to reduce the cost of raw materials procurement, which can be summarized as follows: First, increase the localization ratio of raw materials. Second, increase the proportion of domestic raw materials in procurement. Third, integrate raw materials demand, reduce the number of raw materials gradename. Fourth, reduce the transaction costs in raw materials procurement. Mr. Li hopes that Kingfa and the suppliers will jointly promote the cost reduction work with the concept of innovation and sharing, accelerate innovation in technology, logistics, and cooperation mode to cope with the severe market situation.

During the dinner, Kingfa announced and presented the winners of the 2018 Technological Cooperation Award, the 2018 Superior Performance Award, the 2018 Outstanding Supplier and the 2018 Logistics Innovation Award. On behalf of Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd, Chairman Yuan Zhimin gave a toast to extend warm welcome to the suppliers from all over the world. He hopes that the suppliers will continue to work closely and effectively with Kingfa to jointly cope with the complex market environment, thus achieving mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Kingfa staffs gave a wonderful song and dance performance at the conference. It is believed that this conference will further strengthen the relationship between Kingfa and its suppliers, and lay a solid foundation for deeper cooperation, collaborative innovation and win-win achievements.






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