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The Second Issue of the International Journal Founded by Kingfa was Officially Released

The Second Issue of the International Journal Founded by Kingfa was Officially Released


The new international and high-level journal Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research (ISSN: 2542-5048), which is a collaboration among Kingfa, the Science Press, and the Elsevier Press in Netherlands. Its second issue was officially published in January 2019.

The journal's main research areas include, but are not limited to, polymer blending modification, polymer composites, preparation and application of high performance polymers and additives, polymer processing techniques and equipment, polymer rheology and molding simulation, biodegradable and renewable polymers, characterization and testing methods of polymers, etc. Dr. Huang Xianbo, General Technology Manager of Kingfa, serves as Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Li Jianjun, Chief Strategy Officer, and Dr. Ye Nanbiao, Deputy General Technology Manager of Kingfa and South China Branch, serve as Associate Editors.


This journal caters for the vast researchers within the industry and the academia, and aims to be the bridge between polymer academic research and industrial research. With the continuous release of journals, it will further promote the close cooperation between Kingfa and universities, research institutes, certification institutions, suppliers and end customers around the world, thus making Kingfa one of the most advanced international companies in polymer research, polymer application and industrial technology. 

The special column in the second issue is “Elastomer”, subsequent to “Polymer”, a special column that debuted in the first issue in October 2018. In addition, it also included other polymer-themed articles. Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research looks forwards to your active contribution and quotation. 

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