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Commencement Ceremony Held to Start Work in the Year of Pig

Commencement Ceremony Held to Start Work in the Year of Pig


On February 10th, the commencement ceremony and commendation meeting of Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. was held in Guangzhou Science City. Chairman Yuan Zhimin and General Manager Li Nanjing led the company executives to send New Year’s greetings to all the employees who attended the commencement ceremony.

At 8:06, the commencement ceremony began. The fascinating dancing lion performance, along with the lively festive drumbeats and gong music, sent happiness and auspiciousness to everyone. Chairman Yuan Zhimin and General Manager Li Nanjing painted the dance lion's eyes to express their wishes for Kingfa’s thriving businesses and overwhelming fortune in the new year.

On behalf of management team, General Manager Li Nanjing delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony, paid tribute to the employees who have been dedicated to the company, and called on everyone to practice the development concept of “High-quality Development Facilitates New Rise” and fulfill the management theme of “Optimize Organization, Create Value”, eliminate equalitarianism in company system, motivate the enthusiasm of all employees to achieve the targets in 2019.


  At the commendation meeting, General Manager Li Nanjing read the "Commendation Decision" including the teams and individuals of Technology Innovation Award, Distinguished Marketing Progress Award. Chairman Yuan and General Manager Li shook hands with the winners and presented them with silk banners and trophies.

    Ding Min, the Sales Engineer from the South China Operations Department and the winner of the Distinguished Marketing Progress Award, delivered a speech on behalf of all winners, expressing gratitude to the company and sharing his work experience.

Joy and luck arrive with the new year. In the exciting drumbeats and warm cheers, Chairman Yuan and General Manager Li started to draw the prizes. The special prize worth 16,800 yuan brought the festive atmosphere to a climax.

Subsequently, Chairman Yuan and General Manager Li also distributed New Year’s red packet to all employees, which symbolized Kingfa’s good fortune, booming business and sincere wishes to all employees. In the warm and harmonious atmosphere, all red packets are distributed, and everyone’s face is filled with the joy of embracing the New Year.

Finally, Chairman Yuan Zhimin solemnly announced the commencement of work. All Kingfa people returned to work with joy and enthusiasm, and greeted a new year full of opportunities and challenges. We will work hard for accelerating Kingfa's high-quality development and realizing the 100-Billion Dream. 



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