Company type: Limited liability company (sole proprietorship of legal person invested or controlled by natural person)

General manager: Hesheng Huang

Date of establishment: October 11, 2001

Registered capital: 370 million RMB

Regional status: The largest modified plastic enterprise in East China, Top 100 Private Enterprises in Shanghai for consecutive years, Top 50 Taxpayers in Qingpu District; Vice President Company of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, President Company of Shanghai Strategic Innovation Alliance for Modified Plastic Industry, Vice President Company of Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise Federation and Shanghai Advanced Materials Association.

Base area: A total of 9.2 hectares

Annual sales: Exceeded 3.22 billion RMB in 2016

Business scope: R&D, manufacturing and sales of various advanced high-performance modified plastics, including reinforced, toughened, flame resistant PP, PC and various general and engineering plastics and alloys

Service Assurance

Production capacityc

42 large-scale production lines, 12 pilot-scale production lines, annual production capacity of modified materials up to 0.25 million tons.

Product Areas

Transportation high speed railway, home appliances, IT, electric power tool, energy efficient lighting, sport equipment, military and other industries.

Service Range

The company has created an industrial value chain for plastic modification and application with many clients and suppliers, including global top 500 enterprises.

Technical Service

The company applied for 1025 patents, including: 812 patents for invention, 18 PCT patents, 33 enterprise product standards, participated in the revision of 6 national and industrial standards; established Shanghai Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, Shanghai Engineering Plastics Functional Engineering Technology Research Center, enterprise post-doctoral scientific research workstation and academician expert workstation, the research team consists of 14 doctors and 108 masters and build a first-class innovation platform for independent innovation. One research team member won the National May 1st Labor Medal, one won the Shanghai Leading Personnel Award, one won the Shanghai Top Ten Talents for Science and Technology Innovation Award, one won the Shanghai Excellent Discipline Leader Award, and one won Shanghai Excellent Technical Leader Award, two won Shanghai Rising-Star Science and Technology Talent Prize, one won the Shanghai May 4th Youth Medal. The automotive materials research and development department was honored with the title of Shanghai model collective in 2010.


An electronic universal testing machine, an atomic absorption spectroscope and other advanced scientific research and testing equipment from the USA and Germany and established in the Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center.

Quality Assurance

Passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001 and other certifications.
In 2010, Shanghai Kingfa’s patent ,“weather-proof reinforced and toughened nylon material” was listed in the “national Torch Plan”. Shanghai intellectual property demonstration enterprise Shanghai Kingfa established “post-doctor scientific research workstation” after being approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China. Shanghai Kingfa was recognized as “top 50 taxpayers in Qingpu District in 2009”. Shanghai Kingfa was recognized as “key new high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Plan”. Shanghai Kingfa’s “cold-resistant anti- hydrolyzation reinforced nylon 6” was recognized as “Shanghai top 10 excellent patent product”. Shanghai intellectual property demonstration enterprise Shanghai Kingfa won the “Shanghai Quality Problem Solving Achievement Award”. Shanghai Kingfa was evaluated as "Shanghai innovative enterprises” by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai SASAC and Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions. Shanghai Kingfa’s patent, “glass fiber reinforced PA66/PP alloy GFPA6-30” was recognized as “Shanghai Qingpu patent new product”. Shanghai Kingfa’s patent, “environment friendly flame resistant PBT and its preparation method” won “the third prize of Shanghai science and technology award (technical innovation award)”. Shanghai Kingfa’s patent, “PA66-G40 wear-resisting rigid reinforced nylon 66” won was recognized as “Shanghai key new product”. Shanghai Kingfa’s patent, “the molding method and equipment of a kind of continuously long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin” won the national excellent patent award.




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