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2019 Kingfa Quality Exchange Conference was Successfully Held in Wuhan

2019 Kingfa Quality Exchange Conference was Successfully Held in Wuhan


On November 29th, the 2019 Quality Exchange Conference was successfully held in Wuhan Kingfa. Dr. Ye Nanbiao, the Deputy General Manager of Technology, attended the conference. Adhering to the concept "High-quality Development Facilitates New Rise", this conference shared and exchanged advanced experience in quality and customer satisfaction improvement, which promoted coordination and injected new vitality into Kingfa's "high-quality development".



The directors of the quality departments in each base summarized the work in 2019 and put forward the plans in 2020. The participants held in-depth discussions in raw material / supplier quality management, product quality management, quality support, and quality technology application. Dr. Ye Nanbiao fully affirmed the advantages of the quality department of each base in terms of product quality control and achievements in 2019, but also pointed out that each base must brainstorm ideas, strengthen research on inspection technology, and truly improve work efficiency, decision-making efficiency, and decision-making validity, supporting the company's "high-quality development" strategy with high-quality technology.


The exchange ended successfully, which laid the foundation and identified the direction for the Kingfa's future quality control and development. Quality is brand, superior quality will reap great brand benefits and contribute to Kingfa’s "A Hundred Billion Dream".




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